Wilfred- Perth Aust:  (6th November, 2011)  We  would like to Praise and Thank God that on the Prophetic Word that Pastor gave that we will find a suitable place to have our “Prayer meetings and Service” we have found such a place. What is amazing is that this place was exactly what we needed for our group and the rental was so cheap that is boggled our minds. It is not easy to get places for “ Christian Worship and Activities” in Perth Australia as the authorities are very strict in granting such places.. Hence the ARISE MINISTRY is now moving ahead and we have also come up with our “own flyers”. We believe that the time has come for us to truly ARISE and all glory to God that this vision that Pastor had is now bearing fruit and will increase.

Hannah Hunt:  (6th November, 2011)  All Praise and glory to God that I have passed the Post graduate Teaching course from Oxford Brooke University as the top student. My fees for this has been converted as a “ Scholarship” hence I do not need to pay anything- Praise God.

Ryan Tong:  (6th November, 2011) All Praise and Glory to God that I had good results for my Culinary Arts course achieving a 3.51 mark.

Pricila: (16th October, 2011) I would like to Praise and Thank  God that in going for an interview for the position of an Art Teacher, I got the job and was shocked that they gave me the position immediately.  I am also blessed at the salary I am to get and  truly God’s favour was upon me, as I took up what Ps Michel told me, to use the talent that God had given to me as my livelihood.  I now realize that whatever talent God has given us, is for us to make money out of it. Amen and Amen.

Victoria from Mozambique: (16th October, 2011)  I would like to give glory to God that what Ps Michel told about my daughter was so true and so I went back and ministered to her and I could see the immediate results. All Glory to God.

Robson &Janet: (16th October, 2011)  Ever since we heard the sermon on the “ Harvest of Finances” and we have been sowing, God has been blessing us in so many ways, both finances and other blessings have been flowing in, and I now realize how true it is, that when we sow we will reap. I give all glory to God for helping both me and my husband in understanding this and applying it.

Annabelle: (2nd October,2011)  I Praise and thank God that when Pastor preached about our “ Financial Harvest” I began to make declarations that money will come to me and on Sunday I just put in what I had had, I received so much more in return.

I received money and this enabled me now to register for the International Prayer Congress. I also received new clothes, a Baby pram, play area for the baby. God showed me that when I gave up my “ fear” of money, he began to bless me.

I want to Praise and thank God that in declaring and sowing I am now reaping a “ Harvest” and I urge all to do likewise. Stop being afraid of money and the lack of it, just DECLARE and SOW and God will make you reap a HARVEST.

John Chinnah: (25th September, 2011) The service on the 18th Sept was fantastic. The Holy Spirit was glowing in everyone’s face. KTS is showing the way to greatness and developing into a supernatural Sanctuary. God bless the Pastors and all the gifted and obedient leaders of the Church.

Lisa-Perth: (25th September, 2011) Truly God is a great God. Three years ago I came to Perth without knowing what I was going to do but believing God , I landed a Job with the same Company as I was in KL and that is Shell. Today I have been promoted to a higher grade job, based on merit beating the others who had been there even longer than me. I obeyed the vision, that God gave, followed my Spiritual Father’s direction and now am beginning to reap the benefits. All Glory to God.

Kimara: (11th September, 2011) I Praise and thank God that when my nephew lost an envelope of money amounting to rm 4,000-00, I made a declaration that it will be found. Having searched everywhere it was not to be found, however later that day they found the envelope containing the money, in the safe that they had searched earlier before and could not find it. All Glory to God who answered the declaration I had made.

KTS:  (14th August, 2011)  We have just celebrated our 1st year of being KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION SANCTUARY and also of coming to Old Klang Road and ALL PRAISE and GLORY to God that in this one year only GREAT THINGS have happened.

Within six months of coming here the prophecy of taking the 2nd floor was fulfilled and it was given to us at a very reduced price. The NLCC(New Life Community Center) to help the poor in this Community was set up and now we have poor students coming for tuition every Sunday.

The numbers in the Church have been increasing from a mere 30 to 80 people and soon we will touch the 100 mark. Our desire to have a “ Tamil work” established in the Church is being fulfilled right now with Ps Thomas and his people joining us and now we have tamil translation for our services.

Most important  of all is that the lives of the people are being transformed, everyone in the Church has preached a sermon, job opportunities are pouring in, finances are flowing into the church, volunteers are increasing, and now KTS has been selected to have a combined ISAAC service with Ps Steven from Indonesia in Sept. More is to come so get ready for the doors of heaven has opened for us, we have now to MOVE ON and MOVE OUT (Pastor Michel)

KTS:  (7th August, 2011) Truly the days of sowing after all these years is now bearing fruit. Every WORD that has been declared , we now see it coming forth. Visions that have been seen are now becoming REALITY. Our DREAM to own this building has taken it’s first big step when on Friday, the “Building Fund” was blessed with a             RM100,000-00 donation.  It was indeed a blessing that God was telling us that it is HE who will provide the money for the building, not our efforts. Not only was the “ Building Fund” blessed the NLCC (New Life Community Center) too was blessed with a donation of Rm 10,000-00.

KTS:  (7th August, 2011)  People in the church are getting business overflowing that they can hardly contain it thus having to even forgo some offers.  Sons and daughters are being offered  well paying jobs and now we will be starting the first step in having our own CAFÉ with the opening of our weekly “ Breakfast Corner” on the 2nd floor. How AWESOME and GREAT is our God. (Pastor Michel)

Janaki from  Colombo-Sri Lanka:  (7th August, 2011)  All glory to God for allowing me to come to this Church that my Pastor in Sri Lanka recommended. The Worship was really awesome and the Word that was preached really pounded my Spirit and I go back to Sri Lanka really blessed and will eagerly wait to come back here again.

Pauline Thomas:  (31st July, 2011) I had a vision of the sand coming in like a Tornado.

Annabelle:  (31st July, 2011) I saw a field, the Lord was there and he was dancing. Then there was a cage of white birds which I let out to fly and as I put out my hands to receive God’s anointing, the birds were coming out of my hands. There was a gently breeze and I felt the chill.

Christina:  (31st July, 2011) I had a vision of a lake, very still in the night, soon there was a sprout of water coming from the middle that grew larger and larger, and as we went on into intense worship, this enormous wave of water came swirling in like a water Tornado.  Soon after there were jars of water being poured out onto everyone’s head. Praise God for his Anointing and Healing!

Bob:  (31st July, 2011) It is great to see the Children in submission of God’s sweet presence in this place. The Glory of God is here in the sweet presence of God’s Spirit

Hanna: (24th July 2011)  I really want to thank God, that when I first came to KTS I thought it was just like the previous churches I had been to. However NOW after being here for a year, I AM IN LOVE with the CHURCH and it’s concepts and purpose. This has given me a NEW EDGE and EXCITEMENT and even my office staff are seeing this “ glow” in me and some are even asking me if I am “ in love”, with someone…all glory to God.

Patricia: (24th July 2011) I want to praise and thank God for bringing me to KTS. I have had difficult times in the churches I have been and when I was asked by my friend to come here, I was skeptical , apprehensive and even fearful, but after stepping into this house of God, all my fears have been swept away and I know I have a “FATHER” in this House,  I am totally excited being here.

Ruben: (24th July 2011) Last Friday was AWESOME as I saw Chariots, Angels and Saints just woosh into the Church during the Prayer meet and when Pastor said he saw it I was stunned and God confirmed that what I saw was real, all Glory to him.

Patricia: (17th July 2011) I was asking God to lead me to a Church where I could see his “Presence” and feel his Love and have a “ Pastor” with a “ Father’s heart and I Praise and Thank God that I have found one in KTS.

Eddie: (17th July 2011) I want to Praise and Thank God that when Pastor asked me to  help oversee the  youths for their Youth outing, little did I know that it turned out to be a “ Blessing” for me”. Looking at them work as a “ Team”, sharing and helping one another, taking “Leadership roles” and even doing things like the “flying Fox” , making a raft etc… made me realize that all youths need is “encouragement” and “understanding”. They really opened my eyes and if ever I have kids I would want them to be like these youths.

Christina: (17th July 2011) As Pastor shared how he saw that “ mantel” coming down I too saw this shimmering mantel floating down as we were worshipping God. What a wonderful sight it was, all Glory and Honor to God.

Ann: (3rd July 2011) As Pastor was talking about “doors opening”, I saw  a vision of a carpet rolled out and as the King of Kings was coming, I was shaking.  God’s presence was so Great, there was thunder, lightning and this voice came to me “I am who I am” , He is Lord who is Bigger than anything. Amen!

Kim: (3rd July 2011) As we went into worship, I saw many doors opening in front of us, It was wide open for all of us, Praise God!

Saroja: (3rd July 2011) The presence of God was so Amazing in this place of worship. The Spirit of God was talking to me and when Pastor spoke, I felt that God was depositing into my heart. All Glory to Jesus!

Irene: (3rd July 2011) Throughout the whole week, I received the invitation of Throne Room worship and today the presence of God in this place was shaking. The Glory of God is here waiting for us to receive it. We have been set apart and its time to open our hearts and get into the place, because Explosion will only take place when we become One!

Pastor Asanga-Sri Lanka: (26thth June 2011) I truly bless God and Praise his Name for coming to this House of God. I and my wife are Pastors fromSri Lankaand have come here to see how to run an “ApostolicChurch”.  What I have seen here is a true model of what a “Prophetic and Apostolic “ Church must be. I have realized that the Church I run back home has to raise itself and what God has shown the both of us is for us to go back and model it accordingly. There is a wonderful atmosphere of Worship and the WORD is strong and Powerful and it is indeed a blessing to be in this House of God.

Pastor Kai & Jannus-Estonia: (26thth June 2011) I GIVE Glory to God for his wonderful Grace and my wife and myself have been greatly blessed coming to this house of God. I believe Pastor that you have a wonderful Spirit in this house, when I see the young Children so alive in their Worship. In my Country of Estonia, it is very difficult to see children respond like this in Church. Truly I see this House of God a blessing for all who come here.

Pastor Thomas & Elizabeth-Sydney, Australia(26thth June 2011) What a wonderful time we had in KTS, the worship was wonderful and we could feel the Presence of God here.

Pastor Michel: (19th June 2011) The time  both of us,  spent in Muar for the Global Leader’s Summit and the ITIP(Intensive Training for Pastors) was a time to realize that the Church must be taken to the next level. Every Son and daughter of KTS must align themselves to this mandate that the time is NOW to impact the City and Transform the Nation. In the coming months each one of you will be aligned to the purposes of God, your lives will be transformed to meet the Righteousness requirements of God and your families will be molded to become the vessels of honor that God wants to use.

So gird your loins and be ready with your swords to transform and advance as you will be taken on a journey of discovering what the real Church is all about and how to fulfill your destiny according to God designs. These next coming months will be intensive for you, do not stop to rest by the wayside for you will be bypassed but rise up and walk, carry your mats, put on your armor, and let us proceed forward, advancing the Kingdom. Both Mum and I will lead you as Joshua lead his people, keep your eyes on the Lord  and ADVANCE.

Vanitha Samuel: (22nd May 2011) In mid July 2009,  God said ;-  ‘I am moving you from Babylon to Jerusalem . From a worldly system to a Church that is rooted in the word of God’.  When I walked into KTS in August 2010, my spirit was immediately caught up and I knew that I was in the right place. I found myself in a house with a father and mother that were connected to God’s spirit.  I begin to understand the apostolic and prophetic move and how relevant it is NOW.  I begin to receive the revelation that:

I am no longer a servant but a daughter and that I have the apostolic grace upon my life. I understood the meaning of true worship that it was all about God and not me.

The fatherhood anointing and how important it is to stay true and connected to the set father and mother of the house and to declare all things into manifestation for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

All Glory be to my Father in Heaven!

Ann : (15th May 2011) When I made the decision to come to KTS, every obstacle was placed in my path but I believed that this is where God wanted me to be in. What brought me to this place was the togetherness I saw amongst the people. The  Prophetic Word spoken over my life by Pastor was so real and relevant. I see the family now especially the children putting what they had heard on Sundays into practice and I see an eagerness for them to come to church. My husband too is now changing, beginning to speak out what he feels. I have been blessed as God has raised me up to lead worship and preach his word. My inhabitations, fears, worries and doubts have been put to rest. Going out in obedience to us reaching out to others is something I look forward to and am beginning to see the fruits of reaching out to people. All in all I have no regrets but utter joy in being here and I give all Praise to God for this.

Joe :  (8th May 2011) I saw the burning bush on the roof of the church, traffic stopped. When Pastor said God is here, I knew his presence was here and real, Praise God!

Kim: (8th May 2011) I saw fire on my hand as we worshiped God, the fire was coming into us. This was a confirmation when Pastor said God is here, all Glory to God.

Irene: (8th May 2011) Felt the weight of the Lord as we worshiped. Demons were trembling and running. Chariots of fire was released. We received that fire. Amen! Amen

Vijaya: (8th May 2011)  I saw that the  King of Glory was here tonight , all Praise and Glory to God.

Tina: (1st May 2011) It was awesome to see how God spoke to me in the area that he had set me FREE from during the Good Friday service- Praise God.

Iris: (1st May 2011) I never imagined that God could point out to me the exact area in my life that he had set me FREE from during the Good Friday service, all Glory to God’

Andrew: (1st May 2011) When Pastor gave each one of us the area that God had set us FREE from I was amazed to find that the area given to me was the exact area that I knew I need to be set free from, wow! Praise God.

Irene: (1st May 2011) All glory to God for showing me on Good Friday the area that he had set me FREE from.

Pesala: (10th April 2011) As Pastor spoke saying that “ there was a bursting forth” I saw like something bursting and like lights were falling down.

Hanna: (10th April 2011) All Glory to God I saw like balloons falling down from the ceiling and they were just bursting forth.

Lee: (10th April 2011) I saw a large army like the Roman Army marching forward as we began to march and as they marched they became bigger and bigger.

Pastor Michel: (10th April 2011) Friday was an awesome day as there were things bursting forth in the Spirit and Sunday was a Victorious  day that as we marched, deliverances was taking place , many of you were set free (Ps Michel)

Irene: (3rd April 2011) God’s building in my Spirit is so powerful these days that as I worship and listen to His Word I feel like I am about to explode from within and wanting to shout Yes! and Amen to every Word that is being preached. How Awesome is our God and His Presence in this House of God.

Pastor Michel: (3rd April 2011) Truly this is the year of acceleration as last Sunday 15  new people came to the Church, all glory to God.

Li Li: (3rd April 2011) I Praise and Thank God that as Pastor laid hands on me I felt the Power of God going through me.

Pastor Michel: (27th March 2011) Truly this year 2011 is indeed a year of Acceleration, when God gave the  Prophetic word that we will get the 2nd floor,  now within 6 months of that prophecy we have the 2nd floor.  Then the owner lowered the rental from rm 3000 to rm 2400.  The partitions and fittings was valued at rm 11,300 and  we asked him to lower it to rm1,500.  At first he refused but then last week he agreed.  Apart from that we also have brand new speakers, mike and even a mixer,  thanks to the generosity of sons in this house.  Even the initial payments for the 2nd floor of   rm 8000 was given by a family in this house.  How wonderful and gracious God is and now God wants us to move forward in truly advancing his Kingdom of KTS in Old Klang Road. All Glory, Praise and Honor to his name.

Stephen: (20th March 2011) During Worship I saw a “big heart” and God was asking me How Big was my heart.

Ruben: (20th March 2011) I saw a huge Angel with a sword standing in front of me and he told me that when I focus onto God, the Angel will help sort out my life.

Irene: (20th March 2011) God spoke to me telling me to give 100% and blessing will fall.

Hannah: (20th March 2011) God told me to trust him as He is a God of big things.

Kim: (20th March 2011)  When Moses was preaching I saw a light coming out from him and God was saying to him that as you preach my word my light will fall onto others.

Christina: (20th March 2011) God spoke to me saying I will pour living waters into you

Pastor Michel : (13th March 2011) “Praise God” the Landlord has reduced the price of rm11,300 for all the fittings in the 2nd floor to rm 1,500.

Pastor  Sheila: (13th March 2011) I want to confirm what Pastor said concerning “blankets” falling down during worship for this is what I saw but it was falling down on a few of us the rest it was not because our hearts were still not open to him.

Christina: (13th March 2011) All Glory to God as I also saw this “huge blanket” just hover above the people and then break up into smaller ones.

Sharmini: (13th March 2011) I Praise and Thank God that coming here for the first time I really felt my body being made strong.

Dr. Jessie: (13th March 2011)  Coming here for the 1st time I really see that this place is anointed.

Vanitha: (6th March 2011) The last few weeks have been instrumental in propelling me forward.  I suddenly had this block and when I asked the Lord why, He said – set these things right and the river will start to flow again.  I did! The next thing the Lord said was – now start to preach my word ! The message – ‘The urgency of now’ !.  We are the bride of Christ but to many are playing harlotry with the world.  Turn (yourself) them around ! For me – from servant – to daughter – to bride ( all within this short frame).  Oh ! what revelation ! What acceleration ! I have purposed to pick a home each week and preach this along with what is preached in the house. Started yesterday with Hannah’s family and mine. 2 friends dropped by to visit so we ended up having ‘church’.

Pastor  Michel : (27th February 2011)  When we came to this place in August 2010,  God had in Sept given us his word that we will take the 2nd floor.  We believed it, prophesied it and last week the owner reduced the rental from rm 3,00-00 to rm 2,400. However we needed rm 8,000 to pay for the initial rentals and utilities.  On Thurs,  I had a call from someone in the church who told me that the profits the  family had received from their investment was rm 8,000 and that they were donating this sum for the 2nd floor.  How AWESOME is our God that what he said HE DID without us raising the money for it.  Church as this year is the Year of ACCELERATION be ready to see God MOVE with speed and if you are connected to this everything in your life will also be accelerated.

Pastor Sheila: (20th February 2011) I had a vision of Light coming from the back, the doors were opened and the Light shined through.  God said, “When you have passionate worship, the Light will shine upon you.

Ryan: (20th February 2011) I  saw a massive waterfall covering us all.

Joe : (20th February 2011) Worship was so powerful,  it was three times louder and everyone singing in one unison.

Janet : (20th February 2011) Awesome worship, got really excited,  I felt the presence of God was so powerful. I lifted my hands and saw fruits falling.

Pesala: (20th February 2011)  I saw a black shield, it opened up and light was coming through, trees were being cut. I put my hands together holding a bowl and Gold was dropping into the bowl.

John : (13th February 2011) I have never seen any Church that allows it’s  people to preach on a Sunday service, and I thank God for this.

Pastor Sheila : (13th February 2011) I Praise and thank God that in going to the flats behind the Church, we were able to help two families with their various needs.

Roger: (13th February 2011) I praise and Thank God that my fear of speaking in front of a crowd has been broken as I was able to preach to the church for the first time.

Pastor Michel : (13th February 2011) I praise and thank God that the Vision and Mission of Reaching out to the poor around the Church is being actively supported byPeople outside the Church.  The Clinic and the Restoran near the Church have agreed to join us in this Mission.

Joe: (6th February 2011) During worship I could feel the speakers vibrating, as we were in the spirit,  it seemed like a thousand voices singing and all of us was in total awe.

Roger: (6th February 2011)  The spirit of God was moving in my area,  I just couldn’t let go.  I didn’t know what I was doing as I felt his Presence.

Kim :  (6th February 2011) I just believed I was seeing Heaven. I saw my spirit rising, and I knew that no longer will I speak but only what God want me to speak.

Irene: (6th February 2011)  As I lifted my hands up during worship, God said ” This is the way up, Soar like an Eagle”.  I had a vision of water swirling, it was so powerful and God was asking us to look out to the people, they need us

Grace:  (6th February 2011) During worship, the Eagles face came to me and I raised my hands the light was shining.  I saw God pulling something out of Vanitha

Joe:  (30th January 2011) During worship I could feel the speakers vibrating, as we were in the spirit, it seemed like a thousand voices singing and all of us was in total awe.

Roger: (30th January 2011) The spirit of God was moving in my area, I just couldn’t let go. I didn’t know what I was doing as I felt his Presence.

Kim : (30th January 2011) I just believed I was seeing Heaven. I saw my spirit rising, and I knew that no longer will I speak but only what God want me to speak.

Irene: (30th January 2011) As I lifted my hands up during worship, God said ” This is the way up, Soar like an Eagle”. I had a vision of water swirling, it was so powerful and God was asking us to look out to the people, they need us.

Grace: (30th January 2011) During worship, the Eagles face came to me and I raised my hands the light was shining.  I saw God pulling something out of Vanitha

Pastor Sheila: (23th January 2011) It was an awesome Friday Prayer meet as I saw Heavens doors open and God was just sending down all his blessings upon us.

Ruben: (23th January 2011) I saw God standing beside Pastor and covering him in a white robe and theWhole place was illuminated.

Christina: (23th January 2011) I saw a blue shaft of light coming down and like petals of gold and silverWere falling down, it was truly awesome as I knew that God was showering us with his blessings.

Christina: (16th January 2011) I truly felt the greatness and presence of our KING as I saw him clothe each one of us with his royal cloak,  I felt really honored to be there.  Had a vision of a burning flame, and a pear tree filled with fruits. The words I received was….  “My fire is burning inside of you, You shall bear fruits”.

Pastor Michel: (9th January 2011) I Praise and Thank God for ALL that God has done for us as a Church. In 2010 knowing that 2011 is going to be a “Year of Acceleration”. Let us be prepared for GREAT THINGS.

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