“Speak these things, exhort and rebuke with all AUTHORITY, let no one despise you ( Titus 2:15)).

As a CHRISTIAN we have been given the AUTHORITY OF JESUS, yet so many walk without this authority. The Christian has been given the AUTHORITY OF JESUS so that Satan will never be able to intimidate us. Many Christians are “intimidated” by the devil through fears, doubts, anxiety, weakness and sinfulness, and that is why Christianity has “ lost” it’s appeal and influence. It is time for the Christian to WALK IN THIS AUTHORITY OF JESUS.

All the “Intimidations” by the devil will be broken when we walk in authority. The AUTHORITY of Jesus will KILL the INTIMIDATION of :

a)CHARACTER-Everytime Satan questions our abilities, mindsets, identity weaknesses we must remind ourselves that we have God’s authority in dealing with it.(Ex 3:11)                         

b)MOTIVES– Satan will question our motives in serving God that will bring us doubts, guilt and confusion. Break this by walking in the authority of God (Neh 4:2)                                               

c)QUALIFICATION– Satan will use people to question if we are “ qualified” to serve God. Do we have the necessary degrees, diplomas and doctorate, but the authority of God will qualify us to do his work. (Matt 21: 23)                                                                                                       

d)ZEAL– Lack of God’s authority will dampen your zeal and Satan will use people to always ensure that you are put down through lowering your self esteem. (Neh 4: 2)                                     

e)GRACE: Without the Authority of God, Satan will ensure that the Grace of God in you not there by getting people to condemn you telling you that God is not working in your life, that his Power in not flowing through you. (Neh 4:2)                                                                                

f)HOPE: The enemies of Nehemiah made fun of him so that he and the fellow Jews will lose Hope, this is what Satan will do when the Authority of God is not alive in you.(Neh 4:3)

So as a Christian you must WALK IN THE AUTHORITY OF GOD. When you do this, it will make you:                                                                              

1)MORE THAN A CONQUEROR –Nothing will overcome you (Matt 8:28-30)                                                                                             

2)CHANGE THE SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE –You can change the situations.(Matt8:26)                        

3)BE HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM-People will admire you. (Acts 3:10)                                                            

4)PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO YOU-What you say people will listen to you(Acts 22:2)                               

5)PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW YOU- You will influence people to follow you(Mk 10:28)                              

6)YOU WILL BE A LEADER-People will see authority and be in submission(2Sam2:4)                              

7)HEALING WILL TAKE PLACE-Sickness and disease will be healed at your word(Acts3:6)

CLICK HERE! to listen to sermon now.

– Left Channel is in Tamil (translation)
– Right Channel is in English
(Move the Balance button to the left or right to listen to your desired language)

– இடது சேனல் (மொழிபெயர்ப்பு) தமிழ் உள்ளது
– வலது சேனல் ஆங்கிலத்தில் உள்ளது
(நீங்கள்விரும்பிய மொழி கேட்க இடது அல்லது வலதுஇருப்பு  பொத்தானை நகர்த்து)

CLICK HERE! to download sermon notes in PDF format.


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