28th August, 2011

Lesson Ten


“And they went through the camp and commanded all the people(Jos 3:3)

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– இடது சேனல் (மொழிபெயர்ப்பு) தமிழ் உள்ளது
– வலது சேனல் ஆங்கிலத்தில் உள்ளது
(நீங்கள்விரும்பிய மொழி கேட்க இடது அல்லது வலதுஇருப்பு  பொத்தானை நகர்த்து)

One of the most difficult areas for any Pastor to have, is to “Mobilize every single person” in the church and yet Joshua commanded this mobilization.

For the Church to have an “ Accurate Mission” EVERY PERSON must be involved in allowing themselves to become the “ GATEWAY” from heaven to earth, to be in a Position of STATURE and INFLUENCE and then to ADVANCE the Kingdom of God to every City and province.

Hence EVERY PERSON in the church must GET INVOLVED, no person can “ have themselves excused” from this call of God. So many sit in the church as “ spectators” instead of being “partakers”. Jesus the “ Landlord” wants EVERY worker to work.

The “Mobilization” of the Church involves 3 areas:

a)To meet the NEEDS of the people IN the Church.(Acts 6:1-4)

b)To meet the NEEDS of the people OUTSIDE the church. ((Acts 9: 32-34)

c)To ADVANCE the Kingdom of God breaking down strongholds.(Acts 14:8-12)

So the Pastor must RAISE UP people to handle :

a)The ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES of the Church: All forms of administration, from finances to clerical work, the Pastor must be FREE to do what he has been mandated by God to do. Very often the Pastor does all of these things.

b)The PASTORAL MINISTERING of the Believers in the Church: There are so many people who need ministering in Counseling, areas of relationships, emotional needs, simple spiritual updates etc.. all of these the Pastor must have a “Pastoral Team” to handle. He cannot be like Moses who tried to handle all the people.

c)The MINISTERAL affairs of the Church: All the various teams such as the Prayer team, the Worship team, the Children’s ministry, the youth etc.. the Pastor must have the necessary people to handle these areas.

d)The PHYSICAL needs of the Church: So many Pastors are called to even handle the repairing of toilets, changing lightbulbs, painting etc.. all of this must be handled by his       “ Maintenance team”.

e)The SOCIAL aspects of the Church: The Pastor must set up people with the right attitude and compassion to handle the orphans and widows and all those who are poor.

It is very important that the Pastor MOBILIZES EVERY PERSON in the Church, because God had put them in the Church to be USED both in the SPIRITUAL and in the NATURAL and this mobilization must always come under the AUTHORITY OF THE PASTOR.

No person assigned is ABOVE the Pastor. Many Churches have been split because those raised up by the Pastor, eventually ROSE UP against the very person who raised them up. MOBILIZATION brings RESPONSIBILITY and this must produce SUBMISSION.

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