KTS 1st Year Anniversary and Family Day 2011

Date: August 2011

This has indeed been a YEAR OF ACCELERATION. Everything has been moving at a faster pace. Eversince coming to Old Klang Road and starting KTS, things have moved pretty fast. God has really been building the Church and the people up. Lives are being transformed, blessings are pouring in and most of all the “ PROPHECIES” that have been given to the sons and daughters are beginning to come true and bear fruit.

I see that the Church will now begin to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD and this will OPEN the doors of the church for man to come in. I urge all sons and daughters of KTS to prepare yourselves for the “ Spiritual Tsunami” that is to come.

Our Family Day was such a wonderful time, everyone who came enjoyed themselves but what was important was that we were a “ FAMILY”. No one “kept to themselves” all joined in the fun from the Pastors to the people we were ONE. This is what Church is all about, when the people become ONE.

I BELIEVE GREATER THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN and I urge everyone in KTS let us come together as ONE for the might works, signs and wonders that God is going to release into KTS.


Pastor Michel Wright
Spiritual Father of the House,
Kingdom Transformation Sanctuary

For MORE PHOTOS, log on to: http://www.facebook.com/kingdomtransformation

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