7th August, 2011

Lesson Eight

“For you have an ANOINTING from the Holy One” (1Jn 2: 20)

The ANOINTING of the CHURCH(shoulders) will now flow onto the Body(BELIEVER) and hence every believer is ANOINTED by God. Anointing is not for personal glory it is to carry out the WORK OF GOD.

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– இடது சேனல் (மொழிபெயர்ப்பு) தமிழ் உள்ளது
– வலது சேனல் ஆங்கிலத்தில் உள்ளது
(நீங்கள்விரும்பிய மொழி கேட்க இடது அல்லது வலதுஇருப்பு  பொத்தானை நகர்த்து)

The ANOINTING that we have will:

a)TEACH US- To know all truth. ((1Jn 2: 27)

b)ENABLE YOU TO DO THE LORD’S WORK- Carry out your assignment. (Zech 4: 14)

c)ENABLES HEALING TO TAKE PLACE-Healings will take place in your life.(Acts 10:38)

There are “many kinds” of anointing in the church but the main anointings are:


2.The WORSHIP ANOINTING.(2Chor 29:28)


These are the major anointing in the church that EACH BELIEVER has and as a BELIEVER we must know what we carry in order to OPERATE EFFECTIVELY.

The PROPHETIC ANOINTING will inspire growth, release potential, place the right people in the church, reveal divine strategies, make the church look beyond it’s own territories, activate the Prophet, install God’s Government, break the limitations of the past and be a battleax to defeat the enemy breaking down strongholds and bondages.

The WORSHIP ANOINTING will bring down the presence of God, Saturate the atmosphere with a God consciousness,  make the Worship team and the people to be carriers of his presence  and not just proclaimers, release the Prophetic dimension in the Church, thus making the presence of God to be revealed in his Sovereign presence, his Manifested deity, his Awesome power, his Anointed flow, his Indwelling presence and his Heavenly realm to saturate the Church and the believers, just as when Solomon dedicated the Temple and God’s Presence was fully manifested.

The HEALING ANOINTING will make us the Carriers of a particular  healing anointing, ardent preachers of the Word, to operate in Faith, To have knowledge of the kind of miracle God wants to manifest, to see the impossible happen, to fore know the kind of healing that will take place, stop the entry points for sickness to come in, help increase the faith of the sick person, enabling them to be responsive to the healing touch, braking any demonic manifestation and know the exact time for the healing to take place.

As BELIEVERS we must KNOW the ANOINTINGS we carry as this will enable us to OPERATE more effectively and accurately. The DOMINANT ANOINTING OF THE PASTOR will flow from the HEAD  to the SHOULDERS (Church) and to the BODY(Believer).

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