22nd May 2011

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This Year is the Year of the Unusual for the Church Unusual. The Spirit of Acceleration will hasten and quicken the Proceeding Word to fulfill the MOVE of God in the LOCAL Church God is not only watching over His Word to fulfil it (Eze 12:28) but He will also hasten its fulfilment (Is 60:22)

The revelation of the God of  Increase and Multiplication and Abundance in our lives, WILL BEGIN TO HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES.Our testimony will inspire a people movement towards God’s House (Mk 1:45; Mk 2:2).

It will create a chain reaction of faith to believe God for the Impossible (Mk 2:5). “We have never seen anything like this before” (Mk 2:2). “ We have seen incredible UNUSUAL THINGS today” (Luke 5:26).

We must choose to become the Portal of Obedience to move the things in the heavens and connect them to the earth.

 You will be  hearing reports of supernatural visitations and God encounters. Miraculous provisions of God in the families. Unusual favour with people outside the church and in the community.  You will see a new generation rising within the walls of the church and also an invasion of heaven on the earth.

Many upper rooms are reflecting what is happening in the Thorne Room. The unending flow of revelation is being released from heaven. There will be “Lightnings, thunders and Voices”

“Discipling the Nations”.  is the kingdom mandate of the Apostolic Church. We are to impact the nation and influence the cities.

KTS must discover this kingdom mandate and set every program and church activity in this course.

KTS must heed the call to the Nations and prioritize the community, the city and nation around it.

Failing to discover our kingdom mandate will derail the church to become self indulgent and self serving and soon self defeating.  

We are not here just to bless the people (people oriented) but we are here to fulfil God’s purposes on the earth (Purpose driven).  We need to build the church to finish the kingdom assignment rather than just complete church assignment. I pray that you will leave your Charismatic and old missionary or evangelist mindsets and shift into Apostolic Grace. At KTS, I need to :




This is what I NEED to do, Church, would you stand with me as the people stood with Joshua and said “ You be strong and courageous, whatever you tell us to do we will do, wherever you want us to go we will go, just speak the word” 

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15th May 2011

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When God has found the SET MAN, the TRUE WORSHIPER, the ROYAL PRIEST, the CHOSEN GENERATION and the HOLY NATION, then God will begin to OUTWORK his MOVE.

God will  

  1. CHANGE THE SET MAN in becoming the NEW MAN: Unless the “Set man” is made NEW only then can he make a difference. God will ensure that his OLD NATURE will be put to death so that a NEW MAN with a NEW NATURE will arise. (Eph 2:15)
  2. EMPOWER THE TRUE WORSHIPER to becoming the  THRONE ROOM WORSHIPER: The “true worshiper” will be turned by God to becoming the THRONE ROOM WORSHIPER. This worship is worshipping God in Spirit and Truth but from the THRONE PRESENCE of God and not from the Pulpit. In this worship there will be Lightnings (Glory of God), Thundering (Power of God), Voices (Revelations of God) and the Seven Lamps (Seven Spirits of God). (Rev 4:5)
  3. BRING A NEW ORDER TO THE ROYAL PRIEST – The order of MELCHEZIDEK: The “Royal Priesthood” will begin to operate in a NEW ORDER of POWER, AUTHORITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Sin will be defeated, through RIGHTEOUSNESS, GRACE and MERCY will flow, a NEW STATURE WILL ARISE, with a NEW POSITIONING as son and daughter, a NEW UNDERSTANDING of God’s word and the PROCEEDING WORD that comes forth will change the atmosphere. (Gen 14:1-6)
  4. TRANSFORM THE CHOSEN GENERATION to become the BREAK FORTH BELIEVERS: The people CHOSEN by God will not be FROZEN in their churches but instead they will GO FORTH in power and authority, changing the lives of people around them. These “Break forth Believers” will carry the PRESENCE of God in them. (Acts 8:4)
  5. TURN THE HOLY NATION to becoming GOD NATION: All the nations of the world have been “SET APART” made HOLY for God but the CHOSEN GENERATION of BREAK FORTH BELIEVERS will IMPACT the NATION and TRANSFORM it though their lives and the NATION WILL TURN TO GOD for GOVERNANCE. God will RULE the NATION and not political parties. (Ps 33:12)

This is how God will MOVE. God will STEP by STEP TRANSFORM these five areas of his people in becoming the MOVE OF GOD. No more will people just hearMessagesthey will instead become the MESSAGE.

Gone will be the “Ministry of man and church” but the MINISTRY OF GOD will minister on this earth.

So when God STARTS TO MOVE he will begin to first CHANGE THE PERSON, then the CHURCH and only then the NATION. So Christian! Are you ready for this MOVE OF GOD? Are you that SET MAN, that NEW MAN, that BREAK FORTH BELIEVER, and the NEW CHURCH that God wants to MOVE. IF you are!!! Then be blessed!!! 


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8th May 2011

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When God Raises an ARMY of Believers, Chooses a DAY of the Lord’s Visitation, and REDESIGNS the Church, then God will LOOK FOR

1. A SET MAN– A MAN that has been SET APART to carry out the PLANS and PURPOSES of God. This man that God is looking for will be a man totally SOLD OUT for God. One who is Faithful, Loyal and Righteous before the Lord. To this SET MAN God will REVEAL his VISION and MISSION. Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Paul were all the SET MAN for God that carried out his Plans and purposes. God said of Paul” For he is a CHOSEN VESSEL of mine to bear witness to my name”  (Acts 9:15)

2. TRUE WORSHIPPERGod is LOOKING for TRUE WORSHIPPERS that will worship him in Spirit and Truth. There are many singer, choirs and talented musicians in the church but very few TRUE WORSHIPPERS. A True Worshipper is one who will worship God in Spirit, catching the move and flow of the spirit and in Truth, a worshipper who will worship God according to His Word that commands the worshipper to sing, clap, shout dance and bow down in worship. ( Jn 4 : 23)

3. ROYAL PRIESTThe True Worshipper will then become a ROYAL PRIEST and God is looking for such as these. A PRIEST who will carry the AUTHROITY of the King and a PRIEST who will SERVE in humility and Grace. ( 1Sam 2:35)

4. CHOSEN GENERATION– The people of God who become the set men and women of God, worshipping God in true worship and outworking their call as Royal Priest will become the CHOSE GENERATION that will bring forth changes in the Nation. It is this GENERATION that will RISE UP and become a VOICE in the Nation. No more quiet citizens but a forceful people CHOSEN by God to make a difference ( 1Pet 2:9)

5. HOLY NATION God is looking for a NATION that is HOLY, not corrupt, violent and immoral, but a NATION that will reflect the GLORY OF GOD in it’s people. A NATION that is Holy will see the PRESENCE OF GOD manifest in the people, a nation that will be governed through PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is the kind of NATION that God is seeking for.(1Pet 2:10)

God is LOOKING for such as these, that will CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE, bring heaven down to earth. MEN who are SET APART to be IMITATORS of Christ. TRUE WORSHIPPERS who will illuminate the PRESENCE OF GOD during worship, a set of ROYAL PRIESTS who will MINISTER in POWER and AUTHORITY clothed in humility and Grace that will bring forth the healings and anointing of God, a CHOSEN GENERATION who will bring forth CHANGES in a nation THAT WILL TRANSFORM THE NATION and then only will a HOLY NATION RISE UP that will be the manifestation of God here on earth. The CHRISTIAN must be SET APART, the believer must worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH, the PRIEST who ministers in POWER and AUTHORITY, GRACE and MERCY , a CHOSEN GENERATION that will make the difference and a HOLY NATION where the GOVERNMENT OF GOD will govern.

Are you that MAN/WOMAN that God is LOOKING FOR.

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1st May 2011

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God knows what he has predestined and the foreknowledge of the future is that God has planned for his Kingdom to be manifested here on earth. Kingdom Transformation is here and it is now.

Everything that is happening in the Political , Economic, Social and Climatic spheres in our lives are all being geared towards God’s plan for his Kingdom here on earth. No matter what devastating conditions that are happening, God is PREPARING. God is preparing


Like Gideon, who was asked to choose 300 soldiers for battle out of his whole army God is raising his CHOICEST People in the Church to rise up. Those whose lives are IMPACTED and RENEWED INWARDLY are his CHOICE People. A people totally sold out for a God.

God is looking for:

a)  A PEOPLE who can be called his OWN POSSESSION (1Pet 2: 9)

b)   A PEOPLE who will be LAVISHED with his BLESSINGS and CARE (1Pet 2: 10)

c)   PASTORS who will capture his PRESENCE here in the church>(1Pet 2: 9)

d)    A MODEL NATION that will show the nations GOOD GOVERNANCE (1Pet2:9)

e)       PROCLAIMERS, EXPRESSERS and CARRIERS of his GLORY.(1Pet 2: 12)

2. A DAY OF THE LORD (1Pet 2: 12)

There is a DAY that God has set aside for each person and Church where he will be made MANIFEST. When this happens like in Pentecost then there will be:

a) SIGNS and WONDERS happening every time there is service(Acts 2:19)

b) Sons and daughters will PROPHESY (Acts 2:17)

c) Young men shall see VISIONS and old men dream DREAMS (Acts 2:17)

d) Whoever calls on the NAME of the Lord will be SAVED(Acts 2:21)

This DAY of the Lord will be the manifestation of his PRESENCE here on earth and in our Churches everytime we gather in HIS NAME.


Most Churches are designed according to their denominational  patterns where God is not honored as he should be. This Church that God wants must be the:

a) GATEWAY OF HEAVEN FOR THE EARTH-Provisions will flow from heaven(Gen28:17)

b) GATEWAY TO THE EARTH FOR THE KINGDOM-God can pass through the Church to visit the earth(Gen 28:17)

c) HOUSE OF GOD –God must dwell here in his Church, it must be HIS PLACE of PRESENCE here on earth (Gen 28:17)

d) PILLAR OF TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS- Truth must prevail, that there should be NO COMPROMISE in the preaching. (1Tim 3: 15)

e) HOME FOR A COVENANTED PEOPLE-People must love one another and care for each other in the church (Acts 2:42)

f) VOICE OF GOD IN THE LAND-The church must be HEARD.(ACTS 4:4)

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