10th April 2011

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“Plans are established by counsel, by wise counsel wage war” (Prov 20:18)

For the CHURCH TO ADVANCE there has to be “PLANS” laid out, so that every Christian and Church understands how to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM of God. Many people think that we must “go and Evangelize”, this is “false thinking”. The CHURCH is called to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM and TAKE BACK the TERRITORIES and to do this we must follow this “ACTION PLAN”.


Jesus has done EVERYTHING to ensure that the Christian is well equipped for this  “Advance” and so as  CHRISTIANS, we have been made:

  1. COMPLETE in Christ Jesus (Col 2: 9-10)
  2. More than a  CONQUEROR (Rom 8:37)
  3. FULL of the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:55)
  4. HEALED by his Stripes (1Pet 2:24)
  5. SET FREE from their sin (Jn 8:36)
  6. HEIRS to the Kingdom (Rom 8:17)
  7. SONS and DAUGHTERS of God (Gal 4:7)

Once the “CHRISTIAN” has been made whole then the CHIRSTIANS as a  CHURCH will now  ADVANCE. We do this because the LOCAL CHURCH is and has to be a :

  1. MINISTRY unto the LORD through WORSHIP (Matt 4: 10)
  2. MINISTRY unto the SAINTS in edifying them (Eph 4: 9-12)
  3. MINISTRY unto the SINNER by reaching out to them  to repent (Matt 24:14)

Then only can we GO ON MISSION and as we go we are told by Jesus :

  1. GO in PAIRS (Lk 10:1)
  2. The HARVEST is great (Lk 10:2)
  3. Take NOTHING (Lk 10:4)
  4. HEAL the Sick ( Lk 10:9)
  5. PREACH the Gospel (Mk 16:15)
  6. CAST OUT the demons (Mk 16: 17)
  7. MAKE Disciples ( Matt 28:19)
  8. To BAPTIZE them ( Matt 28:19)
  9. TEACH them ( Matt 28:20)

As the CHURCH carries out this MISSION then the FRUITS of this Mission will show itself as:

  1. SIGNS and WONDERS will follow you.
  2. SATAN will FALL like lightning.
  3. YOU will NOT be HARMED.
  4. GOD will be with you till the end.
  5. You will SPEAK in new tongues.
  6. The WORD will be CONFIRMED.
  7. NATIONS will KNOW God.

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3rd April 2011

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“Proceed and MARCH to the City and let him who is armed, advance before the ARK of the Lord.” (Josh 6:7)

The Local Church has been placed by God in the locality so that the Church can ADVANCE and TAKE over the Territory around it, bringing down STRONGHOLDS of the devil. This is the most important responsibility of Church.

Hence the purpose of the Church is to:

  1. 1. ADVANCE the KINGDOM OF GOD by:
    • Being MILITANT and TRIUMPHANT – The Church must be forceful in advancing in advancing and Proclaiming the Victory of Jesus. (Matt 16:18-19)
    • Being VICTORIOUS – The Gates of Hades cannot prevail against the Church as Jesus has defeated the devil and we are the manifestation of his Victory. (Matt 16:18)
    • Being the POSSESSOR of the GATES of our ENEMIES – This means that the Church will GO INTO the enemy’s Territories and not wait for the enemy to come. (Gen 22:17)
    • Being GOD’S KINGDOM here on earth – The Church is a Kingdom that will influence territory around it and conquer it. (Eph 6:12)
    • Being a BODY of RIGHTEOUSNESS – The Believers through their RIGHTEOUS LIVING will bring light to darkness. (Matt 13:43)
    The Church has been given the KEYS of the KINGDOM by Jesus and these KEYS must be used for opening locked doors and closing open doors. The KEYS we have are:

    • KEY OF KNOWLEDGE – This is the KEY of the KNOWLEDGE of knowing God, His Plans and Purposes that will enable the Church to walk accurately with God. (Lk 11:52)
    • THE KEY OF DAVID – This is the KEY of AUTHORITY and POWER that will subdue the Kingdom of the devil. (Rev 3:7)
    • KEY OF THE WORD OF GOD – The WORD of GOD is the KEY that sets us free from error, falsehoods and deceit. (Jn 8:32-36)
    • KEY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – This KEY will open the doors of the Spiritual Realm and make us a people led by the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit and Anointed by the Spirit. (Lk 4:18)
    • KEY OF THE NAME OF JESUS – The NAME of Jesus is the KEY that will make demons flee, diseases to be healed, knees to bow down and tongues to worship. (Acts 4:12)
    • The Church has been given the authority to BIND all demonic spirits that keeps the people in bondage and to LOOSE the WORKS of the devil through sinfulness by FORBIDDING for theses works works to continue. We do this through REBUKING the Spirits and PREACHING the Gospel of Salvation to the Sinner.

When the Local Church does all of this, then the CHURCH will TAKE OVER the Territories of the devil and STOP his works of sin in the people.

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