27th March 2011

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“If you forgive the sins of any they are forgiven them and if you retain the sins of any they are retained.” (Jn 20:23)

The 3rd purpose of the LOCAL CHURCH is to MINISTER unto the SINNERS. Many churches do many things but very few of them “Minister unto the sinner”.

To Minister unto a “ Sinner” means to bring the “WHOLE PERSON” to be restored, delivered and empowered.

Hence every Church and Christian is called by God to lead people to be SAVED, not just saying the “Sinner’s prayer” and “accepting Jesus” as their personal Saviour it is much more.

MINISTERING unto the SINNER means, as a Church and a Christian we must be:

1. GOD’S ARM OF SALVATION (Mk 16:16) : This means that as a Church we must:

  • PREACH the Good News: Use every chance to tell people about Jesus. (Mk 16:15-20)
  • Open the MINDS of the unsaved: Help them to see their SINFUL state. (Acts 2:37-38)
  • SHOW them their SIN: Help them to see ALL have sinned. (Rom 3:23)
  • LEAD them to REPENTANCE: Help them to Turn away from sin. (Heb 6:6)

2. GOD’S HEALING GRACE FOR THE AFFLICTED (Mk 16:18): We as Church must:

  • LAY our HANDS on the SICK: Minister to the sick and claim healing. (Mk 16:18)
  • REBUKE their condition: Use the authority that God gave to bring deliverance. (Titus 2:15)
  • ANOINT the SICK with OIL: Use oil to anoint those sick. (Jms 5:14)

3. GOD’S LIGHT OF THE WORLD (Matt 5:14): The Church has to:

  • Live RIGHTEOUSLY– By our righteousness the sinner will repent. (Matt 5:16)
  • Live in UNITY: Our oneness will open the eyes of the unsaved. (Acts 4:32)

4. GOD’S EXPRESSION OF COMPASSION (1Pet 3:8): We as Church have to:

  • REACH out to the Downtrodden: All those suffering we must minister to. (Lk 10:33)
  • HELP the POOR: As Jesus reached out to the poor so must we. (Matt 19:21)
  • FEED the Hungry: Jesus compassion ensured the hungry were fed. (Matt 14:14)

5. GOD’S DEMONSTRATION OF POWER (Mk 16:17): The unbelievers must see:

  • SIGNS and WONDERS: The sinner will see when he sees God’s Power. (Mk 16:17)
  • AUTHORITY OF GOD: Unbelievers must see us carrying God’s Authority. (Titus 2:15)

6. GOD’S DISCIPLING OF NATIONS (Matt 28:19): The Church must be able to :

  • BAPTIZE the unbelievers: After preaching, lead them to be baptized (Matt 28:19)
  • TEACH the unsaved : We must teach them about God and  his ways. (Matt 28:20)
  • LEAD them to OBEY: After teaching we must get them to obey God’s Word. (Matt28:20)

7. GOD’S PLANTER of the SEED of the WORD (Matt 13:3): The Church must Sow seeds:

  • BEING A SOWER: Every Church member must be a SOWER. (Matt 13:3)
  • HAVE SEEDS: God’s WORD is the seed every believer must have. (Lk 8:11)
  • EXPECT a HARVEST: Where we sowed there will be a rich harvest. (Rev 14:15)

Ministering unto the sinner will open the gateway for KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT.

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20th March 2011

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“Strengthening the souls of the believers, exhorting them to continue in the Faith.” (Acts 14:22)

When a Church has “Ministered unto the Lord” through WORSHIP, the believers now must be ministered by one another.

Wherever St.Paul went he “strengthened” the Believers and so this is what every LOCAL CHCURCH must do and that is to “MINISTER UNTO THE SAINTS”.

A Church where it’s members are STRONG, UNITED and EMPOWERED will definitely IMPACT the CITY and TRANSFORM the NATION.

As a CHURCH MINISTERS unto the LORD in WORSHIP, so the members of the church must now MINISTER UNTO ONE ANOTHER.

This will help:

  1. UNITE the Church.
  2. STRENGTHEN the Body.
  3. INFLUENCE Society around them.
  4. RELATIONSHIPS amongst members, spouses and families be made STRONG.
  5. FINANCIALLY stabilize the Church.
  6. SPIRITUALLY empower the Church.
  7. SCRIPTURALLY enhance the believers.

As “members” of the Church and brothers and sisters of the House of God we must:

  • BUILD one another’s FAITH (Jude1-4)
  • EDUCATE on the doctrine of Jesus (Matt 28:20)
  • DEVELOP HOLINESS in character of one another (Eph 5:23-33)
  • Bring others into MINISTRY (Eph 4:12)
  • Provide PROTECTION and COVERING for each other (Is 2:1-4)
  • LOVE one another (Jn 13: 34)
  • COMFORT the afflicted (1Thess 4:18)
  • EXHORT one another (Heb 3:13)
  • EDIFY the members (Rom 14:19)
  • ADMONISH the wrongdoer (Rom 15:14)
  • SERVE each other and the Body (1Pet 4:10)
  • FORGIVE the offender (Col 3:13)
  • SUBMIT to authority and to one another (Eph 5:21)
  • TEACH one another (Col 3:16)
  • PRAY for every one in the house (Jms 5:16)
  • HOLD each other in HIGH ESTEEM (Rom 12:10)

When a CHURCH MINISTERS to one another this will make the Church to become God’s CHOICEST PLACE here on earth. People will flock to this kind of LOCAL CHURCH.

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13th March 2011

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“The 24 elders fall down before him who sits on the Throne and worship him casting away their crowns saying You are worthy O Lord to receive honour and glory.” (Rev 4:10-11)

As a CHURCH let us realize in all clarity as to the MAIN reason and purpose of the church and that is to MINISTER UNTO THE LORD. To MINISTER UNTO THE LORD simply means that the CHURCH must be a WORSHIPING CHURCH.

Different churches have different forms of “Worship” and many of our ways of worship sad to say has come from the “fancies” of man and not from God.

GOD has clearly INSTRUCTED the CHURCH and the BELIEVER as to how GOD must be worshiped.

WHO are we to WORSHIP? – The answer is GOD and God alone. (Matt 4:10)

HOW must we worship God? – “IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.” (Jn 4:20)

Jesus says that GOD is searching for TRUE WORSHIPPERS who will worship him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.


“Then David DANCED before the Lord with all his MIGHT (SPIRIT). (2Sam 6:14)

To worship God in SPIRIT means that your worship must be:

  • SPONTANEOUS – A “Freedom” within, when worshiping God.
  • EMOTIONAL – Expression of your emotions of Joy, love, happiness and even tears.
  • ENERGIZING – Full of Power and Vitality.
  • STRENGTHENING – The person must be made strong after worship.
  • VENERATIVE – A Holy reverence for God.


“All the words (directions) that the Lord has spoken we will do.” (Ex 24:3)

God has ordained the ways we must WORSHIP him and God says that we must when we worship him:

  1. SING  IN A LOUD VOICE (Ps 27:6)
  2. LIFT UP OUR HANDS (Ps 28:2)
  4. With  OUR MOUTH AND LIPS (Ps 63:5)
  5. KNEELING (Ps 95:6)
  6. LIFTING UP OUR EYES (Ps 121:1)
  7. With MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (Ps 150:4-5)
  8. DANCING (Ps 150:4)
  9. BOWING DOWN (Ps 95:6)
  10. CLAPPING (Ps 47:1)

Hence as a CHURCH we must first above all WORSHIP GOD more than anything else.

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6th March 2011

“And upon this rock I shall build my Church.” (Matt 16:18)

Christ stated the UNIVERSAL CHURCH and in every place and region there must be this LOCAL CHURCH.

“To the Church of God (Universal) which is at Corinth (Local Church)” clearly tells us that there must be a LOCAL CHURCH. (1Cor 1:2)

There are “millions of Local Churches” all over the world, of different denominations and doctrines and yet that Local Church must be:

  1. A MINISTRY UNTO THE LORD – Serving, worshiping and glorifying God. (Matt4:10)
  2. A MINISTRY UNTO THE SAINTS – Edifying, building, and helping to transform Christians. (Eph 4:9-11)
  3. A MINISTRY UNTO THE SINNERS – Leading people to repentance and holy and righteous living. (Matt 24:14)

This is the PURPOSE of the LOCAL Church, and for this to happen the LOCAL CHURCH must BE:

  • MORE than what it is now.
  • GREATER than what it is now.
  • Have the GRACE to TRANSFORM lives.
  • A BUILDER of lives and not just a building.
  • TRANSFORMING than just informing.
  • A Place of HONOUR.
  • The PRESENCE of HOLINESS and POWER and not of personalities.
  • The ADVERTISEMENTS of CHANGED lives and not just sermons and messages.
  • The place where the SPIRIT OF GOD FLOWS and not hi tech technology.
  • The Place of VISION and MISSION and not of profits and projections.
  • A Place of CALLING and OBEDIENCE and not of Positions and Programs.
  • The place where there is  UNITY and RELATIONSHIPS rather than connections.

God’s CHOICEST APOSTOLIC BASE rather than man’s domain.

The LOCAL CHURCH must have the INFLUENCE to IMPACT the CITY and to help TRANSFORM the nation.

So many churches exist, yet the impact it has on society has been minimal and the reason is that the LOCAL CHURCH is more concerned about ITSELF rather than the PURPOSE it has been put there in the first place by Jesus.


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27th February 2011

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“And the Lord OPENED her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.” (Acts 16:14)

The ONLY reason as to why so many Christians are not “Transformed” and changed is because their “HEARTS” are not OPENED to the Lord. One can attend all kinds of sessions and seminars, read the Bible daily and Pray, Worship God in church and be in all kinds of “Ministry” and yet their lives are not changed.

That is why the HEART is so important in the bible that it is mentioned 957 times. The HEART is the most important organ in the body and when it stops we die.

Jesus tells us “HARDEN not your HEARTS” for if you hear my Voice this day, it is your day of Salvation”.

It is when our hearts are “Hardened” or “Closed” that our lives can never be transformed.

However when our HEARTS are OPENED to God then TRANSFORMATION will flow through our lives.


  1. TRANSFORM you to become like God – You will change from Glory to Glory.
  2. MAKE YOU PURE and HOLY – God’s presence within you will transform you.
  3. LEAD YOU TO BE THE DOER OF THE WORD – You will live out the Word of God.
  4. LEAD YOU TO RESPOND TO THE HOLY SPIRIT – You will flow as the Spirit flows.
  5. TOUCH YOUR EMOTIONS – You will respond to God’s Touch through your emotions.
  6. REACT TO HIS WORD – You will respond to his Word with a “Yes and Amen”.
  7. REACH OUT TO OTHERS – You will have a passion for people to be touched by God.

That is why it is very important for a Christian to have an OPEN HEART. When our hearts are HARDENED or CLOSED then these are the symptoms:

  1. We will be STUBBORN – And not listen
  2. We will be SELF CENTERED – Not caring about others but ourselves.
  3. We will be DISOBEDIENT – We cannot obey God or man at their Word.
  4. We will be UNCHANGEABLE – No matter what we will remain the same.
  5. We will be UNRESPONSIVE to the prompting of the Holy Spirit – We will be stiff and with no feelings even when God is moving amongst us.
  6. We will be UNTEACHABLE – No amount of instruction will affect us, we are not interested in changing.
  7. We will be EMOTIONLESS – We will have a “numb” spirit that does not feel or express itself in any way.

When the HEART is OPENED then Jesus comes into us to have an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP and this intimate relationship will result in us having, Open Intimacy, Open Heaven, Open Favor, Open Opportunities, Open Door and Open House.

The time for STRONG DOCTRINE is here, that as we push strong then breakthroughs will happen and the City will be IMPACTED and the Nation TRANSFORMED.

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20th February 2011

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“And I have held back nothing, that was helpful but proclaimed it to you publicly and from HOUSE to HOUSE.” (Acts 20:20)

Open Doors will lead to “OPEN HOUSES”.

Many people think that “Open Houses” means that the house doors will be open for us to Minister. This is a wrong understanding for there is a “greater depth” to understanding what “Open Houses” is all about.

Once the STRONGMAN of the House has been removed by God, then there will be OPEN HOUSE, however there have been many homes that have “opened” for Ministers to come in and minister but whatever has been done is not Accepted by the Household.

OPEN HOUSE means that the “Household” is READY to ACCEPT, BELIEVE and LIVE the message preached. Hence “Open House” is not you having to house to enter into but a House where EVERYONE will be touched to believe and receive God.

In every “OPEN HOUSE” God will raise up a SET MAN/WOMAN that will open the HEARTS of those staying there to accept the Word of God.

OPEN HOUSE means, that God will:

  1. PREPARE THE SET MAN/WOMAN OF THE HOUSE: Cornelius was a man prepared by God, to call Peter to preach and baptize and because Cornelius was “prepared” by God his whole household received the Good News “There was a certain Man named Cornelius a devout man”. (Acts 10:1-2)
  2. RAISE STRATEGIC MEN/WOMEN TO INFLUENCE OTHERS: Cornelius was not a “nobody” in his household, he was the “main man” who was able to INFLUENCE others and God used him to bring his friends and relatives. “And he called together his friends and relatives.” (Acts 10:24)
  3. ADD PEOPLE TO THE CHURCH: We find it very hard to convince people to come to church and hence we have all kinds of “advertisements, flyers and banners” to attract people to come but when God has a “Open House”, God himself will ADD people to the church. “And daily God added to the Church those that were being saved.” (Acts 2:47)
  4. RAISE CAPABLE PEOPLE IN THE CHURCHES AND HOMES: So many Churches have “good leaders” but very few Capable leaders. Open Houses will generate capable Leaders who will be CAPTAINS leading God’s people. God will raise up these “Captains” who will be able to raise the Church, impact the City and Transform the nation.

Hence to have OPEN HOUSE means that the Church and the people will be able to TRANSFORM the City and the Nation. To have this OPEN HOUSE we must SEIZE every opportunity to REACH OUT to people to PREACH, TEACH, HEAL and MINISTER.

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13th February 2011

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“When I came to Troas to preach Christ’s Gospel and a DOOR WAS OPENED to me by the LORD.” (2Cor 2:12)

When God gives us OPEN OPPORTUNITIES, to preach, teach, worship, pray, minister, bless financially, receive revelation, set captives free, build his church, equip his people, use our talents, praise him and much more in his Church and when we seize this open opportunities, then God will now give us OPEN DOORS.

OPEN DOORS will result in:

  1. EFFECTIVE MINISTRY: Many people have a “Ministry” but very few have an “Effective Ministry“. Effective Ministry. The bible says that Christ has obtained for us a more effective ministry. (Heb 8:6)This “Effective Ministry” will result in:

    • TRANSFORMED LIVES: Many lives are touched by various ministries but effective ministry will result in Transformed lives. (Rom 12:2)
    • BIRTHING OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Most churches have “members” but a church with an “effective ministry” will birth forth “SONS and DAUGHTERS” who carry the same SPIRIT, VISION and MISSION of the FATHER of the HOUSE. (1Tim 1:2)
    • APOSTOLIC BASES WILL BE SET UP: Many ministers minister with a “Touch and Go” method where PEOPLE’S lives are TOUCHED through some healing and deliverances but in most cases their lives remain UNCHANGED. When “Apostolic Bases” are set up then STRONG FOUNDATIONS will be laid and people’s lives will continue to be empowered. Paul set up many “Apostolic Bases” and because of this they had “Changed Lives. (Acts 14:28)
  2. CITY TRANSFORMATION: When lives are “CHANGED” then the CITY will be TRANSFORMED. All cities have churches, but no impact of transformation has taken place. Paul’s “effective ministry” resulted in CITIES being TRANSFORMED where all kinds of EVIL PRACTICE came to an END. (Acts 19:17-20)
  3. INFLOW OF RESOURCES: Open Doors will enable the INFLOW of RESOURCES. Finances to handle the Work of the Kingdom will flow in. When we raise strong people, then resources will flow in. Many ministers look for money to do God’s word, but OPEN DOORS will result in MONEY and RESOURCES looking for YOU. (Acts 4:34-35)
  4. STRONG CHURCHES: We have many Churches but very few Strong Churches“. When a Church is STRONG and  blessed with Open doors, effective Ministry, City transformation, and the Inflow of Resources, then the Church will be strong. STRONG Churches will result in: A) Strong Families, B) Strong Ministers, C) Strong Unity and D) Strong Government. When God OPENS DOORS then his GLORY will be made MANIFEST in the Church.

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